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Valentine’s Day Trees Are The New Trend And I Love It

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If you were thinking it is time for you to take down your Christmas tree, you’ll want to rethink that. Why? Because Valentine Trees are all the rage!

Pink, red, and white colors abound in these festively decorated trees.


Hearts, love, and sweet sentiment are woven through the branches of these enchanted topiary displays.


You start with the tree. You can get a bright pink Valentine’s tree — or you can just use your Christmas tree, and decorate it for this holiday of love. The second choice is better for me — less Christmas cleanup is always a good thing! Ha!


Then you grab your pink, red, and white decorations. I also like to use purple — because it’s purple.


You can totally recycle your big red and white Christmas ball ornaments, and string up white and pink lights.


You can even make your own paper garland or homemade ornaments. My kids love to make those red, pink, and white paper chains.


You can replace that Christmas angel tree topper with a big poofy bow, ginormous hearts, roses, cupid, or some other festive Valentine embellishment.


Keep scrolling for some awesome ideas for your own Valentine’s Day tree!


You only have to go as far as Amazon to find your awesome tree decorations! Check them out HERE.


You can even wrap some festive pink, red, and white little gifts (Big gifts? I’m not here to judge.) to go underneath your perfectly pink tree! How freaking adorable is that?!?


And, you know what? St. Patrick’s Day is up next. St. Patrick’s Day tree, anyone?


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  2. Easter trees are beautiful, as well! Been a long while since we’ve done this! If I hadn’t put the tree away last weekend, might be inclined to be inspired! Lol! Perhaps next year!

  3. Not a new trend. I did this for all the holidays back in the 80s & 90s! Just a new generation doing it now-LOL.

  4. Ideas especially with a white tree that can take you right into next Christmas, first Valentine tree, then St. Patty tree, Easter, red-white and blue that can stay until fall which you can then do a fall tree, Halloween

  5. One year I had a live tree that we harvested from the Beartooth’s. It was budding when Christmas was over and I didn’t have the heart to take it down. So not only did I decorate it for Valentine’s Day but for St . Patrick’s Day as well.

  6. I think this is a lazy excuse for ppl to keep the Christmas tree ? up lmaoo don’t shoot the messenger ??‍♀️

    1. Seriously, you think it’s easier to leave the tree up and redecorate it with Valentine’s decorations after you have just removed all the christmas decorations? Think of all the extra work that goes into redecorating rather than just putting the tree away. There is nothing lazy about that.

  7. Beautiful!! I have done holidays for years. I also do it for seasons. Naturally Christmas is my favorite but, Fourth of July and Memorial day is second with all the little flags and streamers!

  8. I did my Valentine’s Tree for my Son, he’s in US Army and well be home in Jan. and will leave on Valentine’s Day so My tree will stay up until he goes to his next duty station!

  9. I Did my Christmas Tree like this years Ago?❤ My Birthday is on Valentine’s day ?❤
    I think my hubby would freak out if i told him to bring tree up from basement

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