Visiting Santa At The Mall Will Look Very Different This Year For Your Kids

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Oh the memories…. Sitting your kids on Santa’s lap for the yearly photo. Watching them scream and be terrified so you can show it to their significant other many years from now and laugh about it. Yeah, about that…

Your yearly mall Santa visits are going to be quite different this year. And you can only assume why: social distancing.

So the millions of children that go to meet Santa each year are in for a new way of doing things.

Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties, the second largest mall operator in the U.S., spoke with CNN, stating that although Santa will be present in the majority of malls, it will be a “touchless experience.”

“We’re excited to announce some of our Holiday 2020 plans. We felt visiting Santa was an important family tradition to uphold, so we found a creative solution to keep everyone safe and drive holiday shopping traffic. This year we will be hosting a contactless Santa experience at 134 of our shopping centers. He will be nestled at a safe distance away while kids can sit on presents for photo ops or across from him to chat.”

So although your kids will be able to see Santa still, they won’t get to sit in his pap lap and say what they want for Christmas.

They will most likely be behind a plexi glass and unable to speak to him at all. And we’re assuming they’ll also all have to wear masks.

What are your thoughts on this? Keeping the kids at home? Braving the large crowds for a “kind of” fix to the problem and kind of getting to see Santa? Let us know in the comments!

Brookfield Properties

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