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‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ Won’t Be Airing on Cable TV At All This Year

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It’s time to run out and get an Apple TV right now!

Y’all, the Peanuts Holiday Specials are not going to be shown on network television this year. Good Grief!!

Courtesy of ABC

They are going to be shown exclusively on Apple TV, and I’m about to trade in my Roku, and head straight on over to the Apple TV side.

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Peanuts Holiday Specials are THE highlight of the holidays — from Halloween to Christmas — and I do NOT want to miss them this year. It just wouldn’t be the holidays properly without the Peanuts in our lives!

Courtesy of ABC

The GOOD news about the Peanuts Specials being on Apple TV, they aren’t just shown once, and then that’s it. Each show is going to stream FOR FREE for a limited amount of time.


That means, you can watch each episode once during the specified time frame, or you can watch each episode one hundred times during this time. It’s totally up to you.


Here Is When The Peanuts Specials Are Airing On Apple TV

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (my favorite) is going to be showing from October 30 to November 1.


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (also a favorite) will be playing from November 25 to 27.


Charlie Brown Christmas (my all time favorite) will be available for streaming from December 11 to 13.


So, each show will be available for a special 3-day performance, and I can’t wait!!

What is the moral to this story? Go out and get you an Apple TV before the Peanuts Holiday Specials drop onto the streaming giant!

Courtesy of Amazon

We found an Apple TV setup on the Amazon website. All you need is a compatible TV, and you are set to go! (Y’all! Siri even works with the Apple TV. How cool is that?!?)

Courtesy of Amazon

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  1. Not fair to elderly viewers. My mom is 101 . She does not want Apple TV. She looks forward to these seasonal Charlie Brown shows. Another tradition bites the dust.Everyone has ABC TV. Not everyone had Apple. Why can’t they leave it alone. If it is not broken don’t fix it!

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