Warner Bros Is Reportedly Planning To Replace Jason Momoa As Aquaman

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Even if you aren’t a superhero or comics fan, its been pretty hard for women to dislike the most recent Aquaman movie. I mean…have you seen Jason Momoa?

According to sources, the WB studios have big plans for the Aquaman empire and that includes replacing Jason Momoa with a new actor to take his place.


After the first Aquaman movie had a $1.1 billion box haul, it only makes sense for them to continue with more of the underwater superhero movies.


From what we’ve found, Momoa is set to stay for the future Aquaman 2 and Aquaman 3 movies. But in the final movie, Aquaman is said to be taking the throne of Atlantis, making it a little hard to stay a superhero.


The supposed new character will be a Young Justice character, Kaldur, the son of Black Mantra.


Although we are incredibly sad to see Momoa step out of the role, we have two more movies of him to look forward to, as well as seeing the new character unfold.


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  1. Well no more DC. Comics No more. Marvel Comics gave away all the DVDs and wont watch any more of either of those. Tired of them changing every four or five movies………

  2. I think we could all agree the only reasoable replacement would be Tom Hanks.

  3. You shouldn’t be allowed to write fake news articles like this. This is trash journalism.

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