Here’s How To Safely Handle Your Groceries

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We are all stock piling things from the grocery store, to get us through the month, BUT is it even safe to bring these things in the house?

We know that the coronavirus lives on surfaces, so are we going to be okay if we introduce these things that, quite possibly, have had multiples of people touching them?

It might be a good idea to wear disposable gloves when shopping. The idea here is kind of the something is better than nothing mentality. You still run the risk of contamination when taking off the gloves, so be very careful. As always wash, wash, wash your hands!

What about grocery pickup?

Well, these are certainly good options. You will be avoiding a store full of people. HOWEVER, the food has still been in that grocery store. Be mindful of that.

Remember to stay 6-feet or more away from the person bringing the groceries to your car, if possible. AND, WASH your hands after touching everything.

Would grocery delivery be a better option? This will keep you away from the grocery store, which is a good thing. Use your head, though. To make it even safer, have the delivery person leave the groceries at the front door, and then bring them in once they have left. Finish by washing your hands.

Should you be wiping down your cans and boxes that you get from the grocery store? What about the bags they come in?

Well, they don’t really have research to back this up. If you are concerned, use plastic bags, not reusable ones, and throw them away when done. And, WASH your hands after unloading everything.

If you HAVE to use reusable bags, just be smart. Maybe keep them outside, if possible. You can wipe them down with one of those coveted Clorox wipes when you’re done, if you want. BUT, WASH your hand after touching them.

Should you be bleaching your fresh produce? Well, the short answer is no. I mean, you should be thoroughly cleaning your produce before you eat it anyway, because there has ALWAYS been the risk of contamination. Wash the produce thoroughly, like normal. Then WASH YOUR HANDS.

Do you see a theme here? The best thing you can do is WASH YOUR HANDS. Good old soap and water, or antibacterial gel.

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