Well… I did it…

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I actually went to work… it could have been worse… but not much worse… I missed Halle the entire time, and I could hear her all upset in the infant room! It wasn’t that they were taking BAD care of her…. they just weren’t taking the same kind of care of her as I do… she had trouble sleeping in the room with all the other babies, so she only took a 45 minute nap… I have her down right now trying to get her to take another nap… but we will see how that goes :rolleyes: I wish I could figure out my place… because obviously all this staying home isn’t so great, and obviously going to work isn’t great either… I hated watching her have a bad day! She did interact with some of the other kiddos though and she seemed to have fun doing that… I just don’t know if I am ever going to be able to do this again!

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