Wild Animals Are Now Roaming The Streets Across The Nation and It’s Amazing To See

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As we start to see more countries going under lockdown and new curfew hours being enforced, the streets are starting to look pretty barren.

But while the streets have kicked out human beings, a new type of species have taken over and you might not believe it until you see it.

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Now speaking of mother nature, rather than people walking the streets, animals have now taken that place and it’s pretty crazy seeing them out of their natural habitat.

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Italy, Japan and Thailand have all started to see wild and non-wild animals walking the streets. Crazy huh? Well these photos are even more astounding.

Japan has photographed herds of deer roaming the streets. According to IheartIntelligence, deer are searching the street for food due to lack of tourists who usually feed them crackers.

Courtesy of okadennis

Ranging from backyards, to sidewalks and streets, the deer are currently in multiple areas in Nara, Japan.

Courtesy of okadennis

Thailand has also noticed their fair share of wild animals outside of their usual habitat, as individuals have noticed large groups of monkeys hovering in the middle of the street.

Courtesy of Sasaluk Rattanachai

Meanwhile in Italy, there have been more than one group of animals walking the streets.

Courtesy of be-until-theday-idie

People have sighted wild boars, horses and sheep, and have posted the animal sightings on social media.

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It comes as a shock to see many of these animals wandering the streets and I’m hoping soon that these animals can return back to their normalcy alongside with the rest of the world as soon as possible.

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