Turns Out, Women Should Never Pee In The Shower And I’m Not Sure If I Buy It

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We’ve probably all done it. Some may not want to admit it…but most women at some point in their life have peed in the shower.

I mean, come on, sometimes you just gotta go. Water is already running, it’ll just go down the drain, so why not?

Well, according to a doctor on TikTok, you should stop. Now. And it really has nothing to do with hygiene.

Dr. Alicia Jeffery-Thomas, a physical therapy doctor, took to social media to explain why it’s best to wait and use the toilet to relieve yourself.

She explained that there were two reasons to not relieve yourself in the shower. One is that it connects your brain to relieve yourself to the sound of running water. (Isn’t that already a thing?)

Supposedly, if you relieve yourself under running water, when you hear running water, your body will think it needs to pee.

Hearing running water already makes me have to go, so I don’t really think it would matter for me, but maybe it could be true for others?

The second reason is the stance you take while relieving yourself in the shower. This could lead to a pelvic dysfunction and leaking issues. You never fully allow your pelvis to relax while standing.

What do you think? Does it even matter for you or are you better than the rest of us and would never consider relieving yourself in the shower? And if you do, are you going to stop?

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