People Are Wrapping Their Vegetables In Tin Foil and It’s So Smart

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It’s inevitable that during some point of the many grocery trips you make, buying too much of what you think you can eat in two weeks is not uncommon.

Whether it’s because you were working late all week or decided to eat out even after the $200 grocery bill, no one wants to throw out the unopened broccoli or carrots because they sat in the fridge for too long.

We know that the life span of many vegetables goes by quick, so in order to make your food last longer, there is a hack you should know!

As it turns out, tin foil is about to become your best friend.

Vegetables including celery or even broccoli, can last a lot longer than what you might have thought in the past.

Courtesy of @Julie Morgan

For example, celery can last for a handful of weeks just by wrapping the green stalk in tin foil.

You can expect the celery to still be fresh and crisp even underneath all of that tin foil!

Broccoli can last up to seven weeks while also being wrapped in tin foil and heads of lettuce can last up to six.

Now if only we knew this hack sooner, rather than later.

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