You Can Get Every Harry Potter Book Free with Amazon’s Current Deal

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Stop the presses. Do not pass Go. Do you have Kindle Unlimited on Amazon? If you don’t, you are about to be REALLY lucky.

Right now, if you are a new subscriber to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, you can get THREE FREE MONTHS of everything Kindle book reading! What?!? Not ONE month — THREE months! That’s insanity!


Three months is enough time to read through the entire 7-book Harry Potter series. That’s like getting EVERY SINGLE Harry Potter book for FREE right now!


My Harry-Potter-loving daughter — who is reading over my shoulder, and also claims to be a member of Hufflepuff House — just begged for Kindle Unlimited for Christmas. She just might get her wish!

You can get THREE MONTHS of Kindle Unlimited if you sign up right now. After the three months, it will cost you about ten bucks a month to keep reading through Kindle’s super-extensive library but you can cancel any time.

Via Amazon

If you want to get CRAZY with your reading, through December 31st, you can get six-months of Kindle Unlimited for just $29.97. That’s just about five bucks a month for the first six months. The subscription renews at $9.99 a month after the six months are up.


Now — I suck at math, but I can figure this out. Let me grab a calculator — Both deals actually come out to about the same exact price. Either way, you are getting THREE FREE MONTHS. That’s still an amazing deal.

If you are a book reader, jump on this deal! I have seen Amazon offer ONE free month of Kindle Unlimited, but I have NOT seen them offer THREE months for free! This is an excellent time to jump on board the reading wagon, and get yourself Kindle Unlimited.

You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited on the Amazon website. You can READ your Kindle books from any Kindle device, or from your smartphone! Happy reading.

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