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You Won’t Believe Which Women’s Products Men Confess To Loving!

I am totally guilty of swiping my man’s razor when mine is getting a little dull. I also feel no shame about wearing his comfy pants. What? His are roomier! When I saw this comment thread on Ask Reddit about men confessing which women’s products they love to steal I laughed so hard I knew I had to share it with you.

men confess their favorite womens products


My boyfriend steals my bathrobe!

That last guy is asking the important questions. Luckily a lady jumped in to answer his question…

girl clothes suck

 Well, that escalated quickly…

Fuzzy Socks

womens fuzzy socks

You could try moonwalking away. I would be impressed.


men love womens shampoo

I don’t even know what to say about this exchange. Except that it made me laugh. And I will never look at a bottle of Herbal Essences the same way ever again.

shower beer

FYI- girls love shower beers too.


Men love womens lotion

 Number one- when you have to moisturize as much area as we do, there wouldn’t be any to leave for the grandkids. Somehow I think they’ll survive.
Number two- I will take 10 of any product called ‘Switchblade Explosion’.

Then, the conversation just got weird.

womens products that men love
  That last person has the right idea.

Interesting. Your homework is to ask your husband if he sneaks any of your stuff, and leave your stories in the comments below!


Sunday 26th of December 2021

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