25+ Crazy Cool Valentines Crafts & Games

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There’s something really special about being homeroom parent or even helping-out the homeroom parent during your little kiddos’ parties. I especially love being in charge of the Valentines Day party. That’s why this year, I’m ready with 25+ Crazy Cool Valentines Crafts & Games!

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of conversation hearts in your life and want to do some amazing crafts–check out these 30 Super Cute Conversation Heart Activities. But if you’re working with a classroom-full…read on…read on…

  • I think this is the cutest Hearts-a-Bursting Pop-em Game (and it’s super easy!).
  • B-I-N-G-O! Bingo…an oldie but a goldie, yeah?!
  • Kissing Booth! Need I say more? Oh, wait, not a REAL kissing booth–like a “guess how many kisses” booth!
  • I like a good transition activity like Search-a-Word…keeps kiddos of all ages busy for 5 minutes while you get goodies set out on the table…
  • Counting Games are so fun…and educational (in case you’re into teaching as well as having fun…).
  • Run with the Stacking Game–kids of all ages love this! They’ll be cheering each other on in no time!
  • This Heart Lava Game is awesome.
  • Candy Race games can be both fun and hilarious!
  • A little friendly competition between teams playing Cupid’s Arrow…that could rock.
  • Musical Hearts is fun…and you can reuse the heart lava game pieces!
  • I love a classic I Spy.
  • Math Valentine…because nothing says I love you like 1 + 1 = 2.
  • If you have a smaller group, there could be a fun Scavenger Hunt!
  • Little kiddies would enjoy this Upper-Lower Letter Matching Game
  • Looking for a game and a craft? Try this I Spy Glitter Jar Craft!

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Need more awesome ideas for crafts? Run with scissors…no wait, don’t do that…run with these 100+ Ideas!

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