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Amazon’s New Docuseries About ‘LuLaRoe’ Exposes What It Was Really Like To Be A Retailer

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If you need something to watch this weekend that is juicy AF, let it be the new docuseries on Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s new 4-part series LuLaRich digs deep into the lives of former retailers and what it was like while they were with the company.

Of course, there is another side of the story (actually 3). The company’s founders Mark and Deanne Stidham appear in the series to tell the story of LuLaRoe. And get this – there is actual current retailers in this series as well.


So, you have the story from the view of a current retailer, the view from the owners of the company and the view from former retailers.


Now, I KNOW the information in that docuseries as far as it goes from former retailers, is true with 100% certainty. Why? Because I was a retailer (actually my rank was Trainer) with LuLaRoe for a little over 2 years.

And while I feel that A LOT of what happened behind the scenes was left out, I do feel that everything former retailers claimed in this series, was true and that their stories shed light on what it was really like being a retailer.


Everything from the poorly planned out product launches to the decline of product quality. And yes, I totally remember those “dead fart leggings”.

Until I watched this docuseries, I had sort of bottled up all those emotions and buried them deep within me. Watching this series truly reminded me of all of the horrible things that happened during the last year I was with the company.


So, if you are looking for something interesting, juicy and cringe worthy at times, say no more. Go binge watch the 4 episodes of LuLaRich on Amazon Prime now. You can check out the trailer below.

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