These Tiny Umbrellas Stick To The Back Of Your Phone To Shade Your Screen While in The Sun

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It’s officially the first start of summer and I cannot wait to soak up the sun!

And since we are t-minus 6 hours from relaxing on the beach, the lake, or anywhere beside a body of water I ask you, do you have your beach essentials packed?

If you don’t, that’s okay, because you’re not too late!

Now other than packing the obvious, (towels, beach chairs, sunscreen, snacks, sunglasses, etc.), you also need this tiny umbrella in your beach or boating bag too!

Courtesy of @kristinakking

We’ve all been there, trying to take photos at the beach or scrolling on social media on a boat at the lake, while the hot sun blurs our screens, preventing us from using our phones.

But this umbrella, while it may be tiny, is here to save the day!

Courtesy of @fonebrellas

While suctioning to the back of your phone, these tiny umbrellas create shade directly to your screen so you can use your phone on vacation!

Now how cool is that?

Courtesy of @itschelseahope

Plus, they even come in cute colors and floral designs to match your beach aesthetic!

Courtesy of Amazon

But the best part about this umbrella is that you can use it during any vacation you take this summer, and not just for Memorial Day weekend!

Take it with you while you walk in the park on a hot sunny day or while waiting in line at Disney World, because we all know that the sun always seems to be hotter in Florida!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find these tiny umbrellas for your phone on Amazon for less than ten bucks!

Courtesy of @kristinakking

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