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Anna Is Super Basic In The New Frozen 2 Trailer

The new Frozen 2 Trailer from Disney is here today, and I can’t stop watching it.

But we have a major issue. Anna is basically a pumpkin spice latte drinking, Ugg wearing basic white girl, and I just don’t know how to feel about that.

There's a new Frozen 2 trailer released today

I guess it kind of makes sense. If you think about the Anna that we know. She was super sheltered her whole life.

Everyone ignored her and she was pretty much begging for attention at all times.

In the new Frozen 2 trailer, Anna is the basic bitch we all want to love

Here sister was much cooler than her. Set to rule the Kingdom. Oh, and she had ice powers. (I wont’ even get into how emo Elsa was. Even though I loved it. So much.)

Queen Elsa is a bad ass in the new Frozen 2 trailer

And then of course there was her need to jump immediately into a relationship with THE WORST POSSIBLE MAN ON THE PLANET.

I mean, Hans was clearly just after her kingdom. How did she not see that?

Hans was clearly the worst man for Anna, we're happy she dumped him

Okay, fine I probably wouldn’t have seen it either. I mean, after all– they did finish each other’s sandwiches.

Really, I should have seen this whole basic thing coming. But is she going to have AUTUMN POWERS?

(Don’t tell anybody, but I still kind of ship Hans and Anna just because of this song.)

The new Frozen 2 trailer looks like its going to be a great sequel

No lie, I could really get on board with Basic Anna rocking some Autumn powers.

We're so ready for Frozen 2

Although, I think they should maybe name the second movie “Chilly” instead of “Frozen 2.”


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

I'm assuming this is Satire because that's not Anna. They are incorporating the 4 seasons from the original fairy tale where Gerta (Basically Anna) travels all the 4 seasons to save Kai from the Snow Queen.