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Applebee’s Is Selling Giant Snowy Cocktails For Only $5 And I’m On My Way

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Applebee’s is back with its newest cocktail releases! They’re always changing things up throughout the year with fun new drinks to fit each season.


This time they have brought out some snowy sips. As always, they are super affordable at only $5 each, they always keep it affordable so we can all have a little boozy splurge once in a while.


Not only are the themed cocktails affordable, they are also pretty massive! This isn’t some teeny tiny drink to make you buy more, they’re huge.

The last round was the Christmas themed drinks. However, now we are getting pretty deep into winter so to diminish our winter blues we can sip on two new drinks.

The new two new drinks are available now until February 21st. That covers Valentine’s Day y’all!

Two new $5 Cocktails


You can choose from the Tipsy Snowman, or the Blue Raspberry Freeze. I say spend $10 and get both of them, they are only $5 each and I think we all deserve a few drinks.


The Tipsy Snowman is a tropical treat that is made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Malibu Coconut Rum, and then it’s topped off with a fruity gummy ring. This is served up in the massive Mucho glasses.

The Blue Raspberry Freeze is a delicious, frozen Bacardi Rum daiquiri with a blue raspberry swirl. This one is also served in a massive Mucho glass.


If you can’t dine in, some Applebee’s locations even offer cocktails to go, but you will have to check your local Applebee’s to be sure. If you’ve already tried these new cocktails, which one was your favorite?

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