Because Yeah, I am Like, Totally The Bomb, Right? Gulp…

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It’s weird, but I just wrote a title to my blog post here that has nothing to do with anything other than I like the way it sounds and it honestly feels a little mysterious so I hope that’s working in my favor.

The thing is, I used to be one of the OG mommy bloggers. You know back in the day when we used to blog about how much fun we were having down at the park, and wouldn’t it be hilarious if this random woman with her freaking perfect picnic basket would like… spontaneously combust because I am lucky my kid showed up wearing pants.

(You see those hyperlinks up there? The posts I linked? Those are stories I told once upon a time about being a mom– the first one was all about how I wanted to be the perfect parent with the gingham picnic basket, and the second was all about how I took my daughter to some class or other without any pants on. Or at least they SHOULD BE. Blogging doesn’t pay what it used to, and I’ve sort of let most of my staff go and it’s just me these days.)

Which brings me to what the hell is even going on here. I am bringing blogging back. That isn’t entirely true, my friend Brittany Gibbons brought it back and like, she’s so right… in the wake of everything being computer generated (Dude, I have been making some creepy stuff that is going to haunt my dreams forever… no lie.) and just so fake in general, what happened to us just freaking out on the internet in our crazy girl fashion about all things in the world?

That’s right. If you’re still reading this, then you really enjoy my particular brand of subject changes and overly long sentences with way too many ellipses and even an emdash or two, or you’re worried about me and you’re reading between the lines looking for clues in some sort of Swiftie-esque game of where in the world is Jamie SanDiego?

Okay, you know what? Ai generated images aren’t all bad. I just made this adorable little cartoon image of me as a world traveling adventurer. Which brings me to what is going on here.

I think the reason I’ve been scared to blog like I used to for all these years, to tell my story in the way that I used to tell it, is that– well, honestly, it wasn’t mine to tell.

Like yeah it was fine to tell the times I wasn’t a great mom, but then it was time to shut it and just raise her.

But if I am being honest, one of the ways I have always stayed connected has been through this blog. There’s just something about telling my story, and talking about what’s going on in the world that really matters and means something to me. So, here I am… writing a real life actual blog post for the first time in years that isn’t really about anything other than the fact that I think it’s time I do the thing that brings me joy.

Which… FRIENDS… can we talk about this freaking book that Rachel Farnsworth decided I needed to read? It’s the whole reason I actually even sat down and started writing again.

(I put a pic of my kindle pic there because now I just discovered that there’s an entire facebook group called I’m in my kindle girl era where they show off their cute kindles and their stickers and now I am a member there and it makes me feel mega cool.)

Anyway, my whole point is that we need to talk about this book. Because I’m in like the very beginning and I’m already stuck.

It’s asking me what I like to do… and I don’t know. I have no idea what I like to do. I mean, im one of those people who can find the joy in everything.

It’s an issue. Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m the queen of the silver lining. My therapist says I have to stop doing this because if I asked someone to do something and it was something sucky, but they found a way to do it so that it made them happy, then I’d be happy for them, right?

Well… yeah. Of course I would. That’s what I would want for them. So now, I embark on a journey to find joy.

And I don’t know what that looks like. So, here we go.

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  1. If writing is an outlet for your joy, then go for it. go full Jamie. I enjoyed this post. And I miss when it was just about us all supporting each other. Sure, sell me stuff sometimes (you gotta make the money!) but I am more likely to want something because I like the person recommending it.

    1. There’s got to be a way to do with without selling stuff, right? Like… how can I just do what I want because I love it and the money will just work itself out?

  2. That’s pretty cool. Maybe we can all go back to writing, and sharing?