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Ben Affleck Sang A Song With Jennifer Lopez At Their Holiday Party and I Didn’t Even Know He Could Sing

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are all set to celebrate their 1st Christmas as a married couple, and they are relationship goals, for sure!

I’m going to be quite honest. Those are words I never thought I would say.

But, it’s quite obvious that this second chance at love has made their bond even stronger.

Their love-dovey feels were all on display at their recent star-studded holiday party over the weekend.

Ben even broke out in song — and he can actually sing!! Who knew!!

The party guests — which allegedly included Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat, Eric André, Vanessa Hudgens and Jane Fonda — gathered around a piano.

Ben grabbed a mic, and started to sing John Legend’s Christmas tune “By Christmas Eve.”

Jenn is seen lovingly gazing up at Ben with nothing but admiration on her face.

“Go Slow,” Affleck jokingly insisted of vocal coach and pianist Stevie Mackey as the song began to take off.

In the multiple videos posted to Instagram, Jenn slowly coaxes Ben on, lifting the mic closer to his mouth, before joining in on the song by the end.

Y’all. It’s so sweet. It will put you in the Christmas spirit, and give you all the love vibes.

I’ll follow the stars just to find where you are / You can count on me / Make a wish, close your eyes, and believe / I’ll be home, home, home, home, home by Christmas Eve.

“By Christmas Eve” by John Legend

You can see a full video of Ben Affleck singing “By Christmas Eve” HERE.

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