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Every True Crime Junkie Needs This Bloody Snowglobe Starbucks Tumbler 

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A great true crime show will pull me in every single time.

It could be a movie or a documentary, whatever it is I am totally down for it.

When I found this amazing snowglobe style tumbler I just knew right then that I had to have it and I knew all of my other true crime junkie friends would want one as well.

JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

I couldn’t be happier with my cup! I cannot wait to show it off. Customer service was amazing as I had a few questions and got them all answered quickly. Thank you!

Jessica – Etsy review
JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

This bloody snowglobe is a must for ANY true crime junkie fan and I have a few people on my list that I need to order one for… but me first!

JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

The bloody snowglobe true crime tumbler is available in 2 different sizes:

  • 16 oz
  • 24 oz
JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

I’m going to go ahead and say bigger is better because I truly hate getting up in the middle of a show for a refill on drinks and snacks.

JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

It is a double walled Starbucks tumbler so your drink will stay nice and chill throughout your true crime binge fest.

JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

You can buy your own True Crime Bloody Snowglobe Starbucks Tumbler from JaclynMadeDesigns on Etsy!

JaclynMadeDesigns – Etsy

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