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Branding Yourself

So, yeah. As soon as I wrote that the mental image of a poor branded cow popped into my mind.

Now that I’m trying to be a cool blogger chick that actually keeps up with a regular posting schedule and offers insight and well, just whatever else I’m doing here… I feel like my blog should be about something. My friend Rayna suggests that you should give your readers some basic idea what kind of blog you are so they know what to expect.


I don’t do this at all. I blog about random crap and if you’re a regular visitor here at Totally The Bomb, you know that one day I can be talking about the magic cheese grater for your foot, and the next I’m all into the latest World of Warcraft minipet.

So, that’s my issue right now. How do I make my blog something people come back to? How do I keep it fresh and new, yet tried and true. (HA! I didn’t realize I was doing a rhyming thing there until I wrote it.)

I’d love to hear what YOU think my blog should be. After all, you’re my readers, right?


Wednesday 20th of January 2010

I agree with everyone else! Your blog is fun, random and quirky. That's why I visit. :)


Friday 15th of January 2010

Jamie, you already have a brand and you rock it.

Jamie Harrington = Totally the Bomb.

You are an explosion of awesome. Prepare for DEFCON 5, baby! .-= jmartinlibrarian´s last blog ..Scarlet Whisper’s Publishing Predictions =-.


Friday 15th of January 2010

I totally agree with Julia and Tera. As an author, your brand is YOU.

This blog is you–it has your personality, your randomness, your humor, YOU.*

I follow it because no matter what you blog about, you keep me entertained.

*Of course, my version of you comes from this blog, so I am just assuming it is the real you. :) .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Goodbye, Neil =-.


Friday 15th of January 2010

In my experience, Julie is right. As an author, your blog should be about you, it should reflect who you are (just like your writing does) so that blog readers will say, "Oh, that Jamie, she's hilarious. I need to buy her book to find more hilarity."

Think about the most successful YA bloggers. John Green (okay, vlog), Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot. The blogs are all random, but they're still ... them. Keep your blog you (and keep having Twitventures with passe celebs) and you'll be fine.


Friday 15th of January 2010

@Tera, I guess that's true. They just talk about whatever the heck they have going on... and yeah we kind of are just sort of selling ourselves as interesting authors that people want to know more about.

Although, I think this means I need to bring the funny. :)

Julie K

Friday 15th of January 2010

You know, I've tried doing that. Having reliable content on my blog so people have an idea of what they're in for.

It gets kind of old. My blog is about writing, which I love. But I'm in the midst of the query process, and I don't want to fall into the trap of complaining about that. The problem is that sometimes when blogging comes around, that's the only part of writing that's on my mind.

Personally, I like your blog. I think it's witty and fun and a little bit random. It reminds me of YOU. In my opinion, that IS your brand.


Friday 15th of January 2010

@Julie K, Now, I'd never thought of that... that it's just quirky and random. Which just makes it a lot like me....

This is something to ponder, oh yes it is.