Britney Spears Gives Consent for Her Sons to Move to Hawaii and My Heart Breaks For Her

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Britney Spears will now have to hop on a private jet to see her only two sons.

The mom of two has recently given consent for her ex, Kevin Federline to move their kids Jayden and James to Hawaii with their stepmom, Victoria Prince.

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However, Entertainment Tonight has recently learned that even while Britney has given full consent according to a recent written letter from Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart to Kevin’s attorney, she is not happy that the move has turned public.

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And according to the letter which was first reported by Page Six, Britney’s lawyer had criticized Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan for making the scenario public.

Within the letter, Matthew Rosengart writes that publicizing the matter created “unnecessary drama and a false ‘dispute’ by publicly discussing the issue.” 

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Rosengart also added that the act “was undignified, ungracious, and unnecessary.”

And according to a source who told ET,

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“Britney loves and has always supported her children and wants them to be happy.” In a statement to ET, Kaplan says, “I responded to Mr. Rosengart about how I feel about that and I am not going to involve myself in an involuntary pen-pal relationship with him.”
As for Federline’s reaction, Mr. Kaplan tells ET, “I’m sure Kevin is very pleased. He needs to make plans for the move and these plans take months to put it into effect.”

Entertainment Tonight’s source

Honestly though, my heart breaks for her. It can’t be easy doing that but she wants what is best for her kids…

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So why Hawaii?

Details from a source who had mentioned to ET and according to TMZ, Kevin has DJ opportunities in the state while the stepmom has a job offer at a university.

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Jayden and James are also eager to make the move.

The brothers plan to pack their bags as soon as next month.

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