Build-A-Bear “Pay Your Age Day” Is Back But Sorry, You Can’t Participate

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If you have kids, you probably remember the famous Build-A-Bear “Pay Your Age Day” last summer that ended up being a DISASTER. So much, that many Build-A-Bear locations ended up closing their doors hours after opening.

Well, I am here to tell you that you won’t even have the chance to do that this year because Build-A-Bear “Pay Your Age Day” Is Back But this time they only allowed a select few to participate…

Last year, Build-A-Bear stores across the nation held a one-day event where kids could “pay their age” and receive a bear. Yup, if they were 5, they’d pay just $5 and it was such a great deal, parents everywhere wanted to advantage of it.

That’s when kids and parents stood in-line for hours just to be turned away or told they were out of bears. It was a disaster.

I went with my husband and kids and we sat in the heat for about an hour. I was pregnant and finally convinced my kids to go get a toy elsewhere.

But corporate has decided to make new rules to help tame the crowds…

This year, shoppers had to sign up on the company’s website for a chance to get a limited ticket by June 16th. If you are one of the 200,000 lucky shoppers, you’ll be able to cash in your ticket and pay your age on select days from June 24-28.

But here’s the thing – most people didn’t even know about it and didn’t sign-up for the chance to get in on this day of awesome deals. Honestly, I didn’t even find out until today!

Now, I really thought it was just me that didn’t know but after talking to my friends and family, nobody really knew about the rules and had no idea to sign-up!

So, what can you do at this point if you didn’t sign-up by the 16th?

Well, you can hope someone will transfer their ticket to you…

According to the Build-A-Bear website:

“We know that you may have a change of plans that prevents you from stopping by the Workshop after you receive a ticket. Tickets can be given to another active Bonus Club member to use (or to another person that must join the Bonus Club to use the ticket), but please note that each ticket is valid for a one-time-only use.”

Again, this is IF a person you know is chosen. 200,000 really isn’t a whole lot so the chances are pretty slim.

Even for people who did know about this promotion, people had all sorts of problems signing-up for the chance to get a ticket (check out the comments on this post)

Your other option is to participate in their “Count Your Candles” promotion where your kids can pay their age during their birthday month.

Personally, I like this idea better because there isn’t so much pressure and it’s a guarantee they’ll get a bear at their age price. You can sign-up for that promotion here.

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  1. The count your candles promotion is only for the birthday bear though not any stuffed animal.

  2. They should’ve been more organized to begin with. I sont know why they didnt expect a disaster at the first one. Having people register or get tickets is a much better idea.