Burt Reynolds Has Died & We are All Going to Miss Him

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I just heard some of the saddest news ever… Burt Reynolds has died.


Everything in me wants to say he’s gone too soon but I know he had lived a long and great life.

Today his agent announced that Burt Reynolds has passed away at 82. He suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away at a Florida hospital.

I believe Burt Reynolds was one of those stars that everyone knew no matter what age you were.

Heck, I remember him in movies such as Without a Paddle, The Longest Yard, and Dukes of Hazard and I am a 90’s baby.

But many grew to love him long before then.

One thing is for certain, we will all miss him!

What is the first movie you saw Burt Reynolds star in?

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  1. I watched him when I was a kid and I always thought he was a great actor I will always miss him!

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