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Chris Pratt Could Be The New Young Indiana Jones And I Like It

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Not too long ago I wrote about the new ‘Indiana Jones 5′ movie that is going to be made. I am a huge fan of the movie series!

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They (Lucasfilm) had originally said that the plan was to bring back Harrison Ford to return to his role as Indiana Jones. But then a rumor started that a new director who took over for Steven Speilberg wants to bring in Chris Pratt.


Harrison Ford said those rumors are not true! I mean, we’re talking about the Indiana Jones here! Although I am a huge Chris Pratt fan as well!


However, Daniel Richtman (Lucasfilm) is looking at having Chris Pratt play a young Indy and I think that would be pretty cool! Apparently ‘Indiana Jones 5’ is planned to set up spin-off films and even a Disney+ series.


What we do know for sure is, Steven Spielberg will not be directing ‘Indiana Jones 5’, but instead, James Mangold will.


I want to hear from you! What do you think about Chris Pratt as a young Indiana Jones? I could totally see it.


He has the look and he can play serious as well as humor just like Indy is in the movies. Watch this DeepFake video below that places Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones!

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