Chris Rock ‘Wanted to Leave’ Immediately Following Will Smith’s Slap Even Though The LAPD Asked Him to Press Charges

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It’s been nearly a week since the altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith that happened on live TV and now, new details are emerging surrounding the event.

While many believed that the slap was staged, the details that continue to be released, say otherwise.

One of the things that has had people so upset was the fact that Will Smith never left after he took the stage to slap Chris across the face.

In fact, just minutes later, Will Smith accepted an Oscar for Best Actor.

People wondered why The Academy didn’t ask him to leave.

And now, in a recent interview, a source says that immediately following the slap, Chris just ‘Wanted to Leave’.

Apparently, he went downstairs to production but couldn’t find anyone. That’s when he went to Producer Will Packers office, where the LAPD questioned Chris.

The LAPD kept asking Chris if he wanted to press charges against Will Smith because it was considered “battery” and they were fully ready to go get Will Smith and arrest him.

However, according to Will Packer, Chris declined and just wanted to leave the awards show. So, he got into his car immediately and left.

Will Packer told ET, Chris didn’t want to make a bad situation worse by pressing charges or having Will Smith removed from the award show.

Unfortunately, sources close to Chris Rock have reported that is a lie and that it is a way The Academy is trying to cover their tracks.

Chris Rock sources say that while Chris Rock did just want to leave and didn’t want to press charges, he was never asked if he wanted Will Smith to leave and Will was also never asked to leave.

Honestly, I still am amazed at how Chris Rock handled that entire situation. He was such a champ and showed true leadership and took the higher ground in that situation.

I sure hope Chris is okay. He seems to be given he is back doing a comedy tour but lets hope that stays that way!

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