Netflix’s New Christmas Movie Is Officially My New Favorite Holiday Movie And That Says A Lot

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I LOVE Christmas. But when it comes to Christmas movies…talking about cheeeeesy!

I don’t want the Christmas Hallmark Channel (gasp!) and most Christmas romance movies because I find them soooo cheesy. And yet…I found one I actually like despite its cheesiness!


Love Hard is sitting pretty in the Netflix #1 spot in the top ten. After a couple days of that, and seeing my Vampire Diaries girl, Nina, I decided to give it a try.


I started watching the movie with the understanding that it would be cheesy and to just be open minded. And I actually REALLY liked the movie!


They combined the girl from the big city going to a guy’s small town and eventually falling in love as expected. But there’s catfishing involved (by more than one party) and references to other Christmas movies that made it a bit more refreshing.


If you love Christmas romance movies as it is, this is definitely one to add to your list to watch. And if you’re a bit more cynical about them like me, you should at least give it a try!


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