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This Christmas Present Archway Is A Gorgeous Way To Use All Those Empty Amazon Boxes

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I am more than ready to go full-out Christmas, and put out every Holiday decoration I have — Christmas Tree, Holly Garland, Santa Decorations, Lights — it’s all going up!!

Usually, people save their biggest Christmas decor for the OUTSIDE of the house, big and bold and ready to be seen by all passersby on the street.

Home Depot

But, leave it to TikTok to totally win the indoor Christmas decoration challenge!

Users on the social media platform have found a creative use for all those empty Amazon boxes you have hanging around during the holiday season, and Santa, himself, would approve.

People are taking all those empty boxes, and wrapping them in different, festive Christmas wrapping paper.

Of course, they don’t forget about adorning the boxes with beautiful bows.

Then, they take all those pretty packages and turn them into a gorgeous archway in their homes.

Seriously, you have to check these out. It’s like an entryway into Christmas Town, itself.

You might be wondering how they get the presents to stick to the wall.

Command Hooks!!


I mean, this looks so totally easy — and goodness knows we all have empty Amazon boxes lying around!

If you think this present archway is awesome, you HAVE to check out this Christmas ornament archway. It is EPIC.

Anne McSherry

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