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People Are Making Candles Out Of Cans Of Crisco To Use While The Power Is Out

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There are still thousands of homes standing without power while enduring freezing temperatures outside.

So when you’re stuck without heat or running water for more than 24 hours and your candles are just about burned to their wick, here’s what you can do to light up the house and produce some type of heat!

Families have gotten creative when their candles have burned until the last standing wick, making heat lamps out of flower pots and turning baking ingredients from the pantry into candles.


That’s right, the same baking shortener you use for pie crust can also be used as a temporary candle for emergencies and here’s how you do it!

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First, you’ll need to grab the big jar of Crisco tucked away in your pantry, grab two long candle sticks if you have a few lying around, lantern wicks work just as good and place them in the jar by pushing the candle wicks down and into the can.


Light your candle wicks as you usually would and you now have a burning tub of Crisco that will you last you a lot longer than a regular candle.


Some people have said that depending on how large your jar of Crisco is, the burning wick can last anywhere between 72 hours to 6 days!


Others have even grabbed a couple of mason jars, a few strings of wicks and stuffed Crisco into mason jars to have more than just one running candle throughout the house.


For emergency use only, use this Crisco candle hack and who knew Crisco could be used for more than just baking pies and frying crunchy chicken!

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