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Crocs Now Has a Shoe Recycle Program and Will Even Give You a Discount on Your Next Pair

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I love Crocs. Yes, they’re ugly, but there is nothing like being able to hose off your shoes after messing with dogs all day long. They’re also super comfy and make for a perfect summer shoe choice.

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Shopping for Crocs just got better because I found out they have a new shoe ‘takeback’ program!

This is fantastic news because I have a few pairs that need to go and I didn’t have the heart to toss them. With this new program I can send them back and get a discount on a brand new pair.

Image credit: Crocs

The program is called ‘Old Crocs. New Life’ and the shoes can be in any condition, good to know because mine are beaten down and worn out.

This is a great program for those of you with growing kids too.

Image credit: Crocs

Crocs will donate any gently used shoes to Soles4Souls. This is an international non-profit that helps communities.

Any shoes that are too worn out will be repurposed and recycled.

Image credit: Crocs

You can either drop off your old Crocs at retail locations in the U.S. or you can go to  crocs.com/oldcrocsnew.html and they will send you a mail-back kit to mail in your old Crocs.

Image credit: Crocs

Once you have sent your old pairs in you will receive a 10% off discount code to purchase a new pair of Crocs. This can be used online or in-store.

What do you think of the new program? I’m all for it!

Image credit: Crocs

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  1. is this only available for the US? I’m in Canada and would love to participate.