Demi Lovato’s Billboard Music Awards Performance Was Edited Out on TV

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I’m just going to say it — I LOVE Demi Lovato. I have watched her grow up in front of the public eye for years, and she has become nothing but a strong woman with a voice to speak and sing what we are all feeling.

Courtesy of PBS

Demi Lovato premiered her song “Command In Chief” at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night.

It was a such beautiful performance — which I didn’t expect anything less from Demi Lovato. She KILLS every single live performance she has ever done!


But, this particular performance got a bit of backlash from the powers that be at NBC. They let her perform her song, “Commander In Chief,” but they censored out the screen that was behind Demi.


At the end of the performance, the screen encouraged viewers to “VOTE,” but this part did not actually appear on live TV.


I’m not going to get political — like AT ALL — but I’m just going to tell you that the lyrics to the song might have been deemed offensive to some viewers.

Whatever your stance, you have to admit, it is a beautiful song, that she completely NAILED in the live performance!!

Do YOU think they should have censored her show?

Watch the Demi Lovato “Commander In Chief” Billboard Music Awards performance below.


See the video for the song “Commander In Chief” below.

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