You Can Get A Projector That Displays Terrifying Digital Halloween Decorations and It’s What Nightmares Are Made Of

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Bru, this is terrifying!! I would completely FREAK out if I drove by someone’s house, and this is the site that greeted me.

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Granted, I am a big ol’ chicken when it comes to all things Haunted House and Scary Halloween, BUT you have to admit, this Digital Halloween Decoration is over-the-top creepy.

The way this works is, you set up a projector, and shine it on a solid surface — like a wall.

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You can also set up a white sheet in your window, and project the scary scene onto the sheet.

Courtesy of AtmosFX on YouTube

There are a whole plethora of DVDs you can choose from, and each one has different Halloween scenes. Anything from cutesy skeletons and jack o’ lanterns, to zombies that are trying to break through the window, to creepy-as-heck ghostly apparitions.

Courtesy of AtmosFX on YouTube

You have to drop a bit of cash on the projector — they have them for about $130 on Amazon — but then the DVDs that you use for the actual digital decorations are pretty reasonable, at about $15.

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Standard-definition (SD) DVD includes easy-to-navigate menus to help you select your favorite Decorations, and play them on an endless loop for hours of fun


You can totally make your house an ACTUAL house that appears to be haunted — and I’m totally going to avoid your house like the plague!!

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Get your own DVD Digital Decorations on the Amazon website.

Courtesy of Amazon

See a video of how these terrifying decorations work below. The hands trying to break through the sheet are the WORST!!

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