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A Disney Guest Was Hospitalized Due to A Food Allergy After Disney Messed Up Their Order And It Is A Terrifying

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One guest at a Disney World restaurant in Epcot recently had a special requested because of a food allergy.

Next thing they know, instead of hitting up Test Track or Frozen Ever After, they were making an unexpected visit to the ER.

As a self proclaimed Foodie, one of my favorite places to go and literally eat — and drink — around the world is Disney World!

I have to make sure I’m hungry when making plans to go to EPCOT, because I know I’m going to be eating All. Day. Long.

One of the best places to go, IMHO, is a new little place called La Crêperie de Paris. It is obviously in the Paris section of the World Showcase, and as you can probably gather from context clues — they sell Crêpes.

And, these aren’t just crêpes like the ones you might find at IHOP. Although, I’m not going to turn down a lingonberry crêpe from the house of the pancake.

These La Crêperie de Paris EPCOT crêpes — which are in the new expansion of the France pavilion — are the genuine thing. The real deal.


Back when labor shortages weren’t an issue, Disney World actually had Parisians making the crêpes in kiosk locations throughout the French pavilion. It was a whole vibe.

However, when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction was added to France, the Crêperie came along with it.

An incident recently happened at La Crêperie de Paris that sent one guest to the hospital.

A Guest Ordered A Gluten-Free Crêpe At Epcot And Got A Regular Crêpe

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they ordered a gluten-free crepe from the French restaurant.

When the meal got to their table, as you might guess, the crêpe they received was NOT gluten free.

You might be thinking, “Big deal. What’s a little gluten.”

Well, gluten is a big deal for some people. When they say they can’t have gluten, they literally mean they CAN’T ingest gluten without getting super sick.

I was vomiting, heart rate skyrocketed, and blood pressure skyrocketed.

Anonymous Disney World Guest

Unfortunately, according to Inside the Magic, this guest also has a rare autoimmune issue. When the autoimmune situation is compounded with the gluten allergy really bad things happen.

This combination of issues was the reason the guest had to be treated at the hospital.

[The] auto-inflammatory disease, which complicates the gluten free allergy reaction — causes their body to attack healthy joints, causing extreme mobility issues.

Inside the Magic

Now, the guest ended up being okay, but it just goes to show. You have to be VERY careful with food requests wherever you go.

People are human. Mistakes happen. You are never guaranteed to get exactly what you need.

Just be careful.

This is the third time in my life this has happened at Disney where I have been given my allergen. I even ask every single time after the food is delivered to reassure it is gluten free even though it has the stick in it — I’m over cautious and do everything right with my allergy. 

Anonymous Disney World Guest

It is important to note that this situation has not deterred the guest. They are annual passholders, and much like me, they consider Disney World to be there home away from home. They will be back — maybe just extra vigilant in what they eat.

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