A Dr. Pepper Cake Has Been Released So Check Your Grocery Store

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Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, they did.

People are finding Dr. Pepper Cake in their stores and right after I tell you about it, I am off to check mine.

Yes, Dr. Pepper Cake is real my friends and it’s the holy-grail of desserts.

I mean, as if my blood type couldn’t be anymore Dr. Pepper like, someone goes and makes a delicious cake flavored like DP.

The cake is made from Café Valley Bakery, which has locations in Phoenix, Arizona and Marion, Indiana.

However, the Dr Pepper Cake is sold at grocers nationwide.

The ring cake is made with actual Dr Pepper, so you can expect a spicy taste as well as a drizzle of icing on top. Each one is only $6, so you have to run to your local grocery store STAT.

Our partnership with Dr Pepper will guarantee consumers the real, genuine soda taste, just as delicious as our other fun soda cake flavors,” This cake features premium ingredients and the high-quality taste our customers have come to expect.”

Brian Owens, chief executive officer of Café Valley.

In addition to the Dr Pepper cake, Café Valley has released other soda-flavored desserts, including A&W Root Beer Cake, Orange Crush Cake, and 7UP Cake. Who said soda is just for drinking?

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  1. Where can I find a dr. Pepper cake is our favorite we live in Boise

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