Dunkin’ Is Releasing Four New Coffee Flavors That You Can Make At Home And One Even Tastes Like Fresh Pancakes

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Similar to desserts you can bake in a mug, Dunkin’ has decided that there’s no need to mix an egg and chocolate powder to make a mini cake; rather your morning coffee will do all the work for you.

For those who have a sweet tooth that is bothersome in the middle of the night, Dunkin’s four new coffee flavors come in sweet treat flavors to satisfy cravings, nixing any type of mixing, flipping, stirring or baking.

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Introducing Chocolate Pancake, Caramel Me Crazy, Cinnamania, and Turtle Love!

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Each new packaged coffee grounds are made to be at-home for those who are always running late or when you’re craving a late night pick me up on the days where work doesn’t stay at the office.

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Starting with the chocolate pancake flavored coffee, these coffee grounds are brewed to taste like a fluffy chocolate pancake on a Saturday morning featuring sweet milk chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, and creamy chocolate chip pancake flavors.

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Dunkin’s new Caramel Me Crazy are for those who can’t get enough of caramel at breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner or dinner.

The sweet tasting coffee includes flavors of creamy caramel, butterscotch, and sweet brown sugar!

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The Pillsbury Doughboy isn’t the only baker who can whip up a sheet pan full of cinnamon rolls considering Dunkin’s new at-home Cinnamania flavored coffee is made with sweet cinnamon roll flavors for the ultimate cinnamon roll fan.

Did I mention cinnamon roll?

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Lastly, Dunkin’s fourth and final sweet treat coffee resembles chocolate turtle candy made with notes of creamy caramel, buttery pecan, and smooth dark chocolate flavors.

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What’s even better than Dunkin’s four new coffee flavors is that you can currently buy all four sweet tasting flavors at retail and grocery stores now including Target, Kroger, Meijer, Hy-Vee, Giant and even online on Walmart’s website.

You can get all four flavors or just one sweet flavor in K-cups or sold separately in individual bags!

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