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You Can Get A Secret Menu “Snickers Iced Coffee” From McDonalds. Here’s How To Get One.

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I have been all about the Starbucks Secret Menu, but it seems that horizons are expanding as new secret menu items are being created for different businesses!

McDonalds has started joining the ranks of having their own “secret menu” items, thanks to creative fans. Just be sure to remember, the actual employees are unaware of this “secret menu”. These are items created by customers and fans that you will need to have the recipe for!

Thanks to @sarahmargaretsandlin on TikTok, we have now learned how to get a Snickers Iced Coffee, and everyone is ALL for it. In fact, the video has over 4 million views at this point!


She dis a full breakdown on how to order this drink using the McDonalds app! First, she starts by ordering an iced hazelnut coffee.


From there, she clicks “customize ingredients” and adds one pump of chocolate caramel syrup, one pump of chocolate syrup and a topping of whipped cream. Then she adds two servings of caramel drizzle. That’s all it takes, and she claims it tastes just like Snickers!


Fans have been ALL for it, so I can only assume this drink is amazing! Go try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

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