Elvis Themed Weddings Are No Longer Allowed In Las Vegas

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What in the world, this is NOT what I wanted to hear today!

Maybe I’m corny, a little goofy… whatevs… but, I’ve always had a dream of going to Las Vegas and getting married by an Elvis impersonator at a Drive-thru style wedding chapel.

Now those dreams are CRUSHED, why did I wait so long?

The Las Vegas wedding industry is BIG money and generates about $2 billion a year, and most of that is from Elvis-themed weddings.

Well, the licensing company that controls the likeness and name of Elvis has sent cease and desist letters to Las Vegas chapels saying they can no longer use ‘The King’ of rock-n-roll for weddings.

This is going to end some of these wedding chapels, they were just climbing back up after Covid and now they get knocked way down again.

I mean, this is a major reason that people travel to Las Vegas, other than gambling that is.

What a horrible blow to these businesses and the timing makes it even more awful.

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This makes me extremely sad, I mean even though I’m married, I still wanted to do this for the fun and memories and now that’s just gone.

My question is… why now? After all of these years of Las Vegas, Elvis-themed weddings, being a major thing and now it’s a problem?

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