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Here’s Everyone Who Died and Who is Left to Fight for Hawkins in ‘Stranger Things’ Volume 2

It is official – Stranger Things Volume 2 is here and brought season 4 to an end.

Now, if you haven’t watched Season 4, click away now because there will be spoilers. Seriously, you have been warned!!

In Season 4, we see the gang pretty much split up for the entire season.


In the Volume 2 of Season 4, everyone slowly gets back to one another to fight the big fight against Vecna.


Everyone Who Dies in Stranger Things Season 4

Doctor Brenner

Now, you may remember that in Season 1, we thought Dr. Brenner died after getting attacked by a Demogorgon. However, in Season 4 Volume 2 we realize he actually survived only to seemingly die again after being shot trying to escape with Eleven.


Is he actually dead? We think so but we never can know for certain.

Eddie Munson

Probably the most shocking and saddest of deaths is Eddie Munson.


Stranger Things brought us a character we loved after losing Billy just to rip him away from us.

In the finale of Stranger Things Season 4, Eddie dies in the hands of Dustin after basically sacrificing himself to buy the rest of the group time by crushing a Metallica solo on the roof of the Upside Down RV.


Everyone Still Alive in Stranger Things Season 4

The entire gang is still alive with some exceptions on whether or not they will make it…

Max Mayfield

In the finale of Stranger Things Season 4, Max Mayfield ends up being in a coma after coming close to death from Vecna. Eleven battles Vecna to save her but with her injuries, she is placed into a coma. Will she survive? Nobody knows for now and we won’t know until Season 5.



Although Eleven defeats Vecna in the season finale, Steve and Nancy light his body on fire, and Nancy shoots him several times with a sawed-off shotgun, it appears as if Vecna is still not dead.


With Will’s connection to the upside down, it’s pretty clear that he knows Vecna isn’t dead but we won’t know for certain until Season 5.

A lot will have to be wrapped up in Season 5 considering it is the last and final season of Stranger Things.