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Applebee’s Is Selling Giant Patriotic Cocktails For $5 All Month Long and Count Me In

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Who says we can only celebrate for one day?

I don’t know how it is where you live, but the celebrations started here on Friday, days before the actual holiday.

Applebee’s is celebrating Independence day all through the month of July with some amazingly patriotic cocktails for just $5 and I have to try them all!

In fact, I think I will swing by my local Applebee’s today to try out the two new drinks that have been added to the menu for the month of July.

The new patriotic drinks are called the Mucho Star-Spangled Sips and they come in two varieties that are only available for a limited time.

Applebee’s never disappoints when it comes to their themed seasonal cocktails and they always use premium spirits and serve them up in their Mucho glasses.

The prices are right for these tasty adult beverages and some locations even have them available for pick up so that you can enjoy them at home!

The Blue Bahama Mama sounds just like my kind of drink!

applebees – Instagram

It’s made with Captain Morgan, Malibu Coconut, and Blue Curacao, with a blended combination of cherry, lime, passion fruit, and pineapple and it’s finished off with a rim that is coated in red, white, and blue sugar!

They have also added a new All-American Mucho that is made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, with frozen lemonade, layers of blue raspberry, and strawberry!

applebees – Instagram

I’m on my way to enjoy some fancy cocktails at a bargain price if anyone wants to join me!

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