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Here’s The Only Types Of Face Masks Allowed At Disney World

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Disney World is FINALLY open — well, about halfway open — and the world is rejoicing.

There have been a few people upset because Disney is requiring face masks in the park, but for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing.

Most people understand the need for the face coverings, and they also get the fact that they are choosing to be in the park. Therefore, they have to play by the rules.

Now, we are finding out that, not only is Disney requiring face masks, but they have to be a certain type of face mask, or you won’t be allowed to stay and play.

I’m totally cool with that, because the guidelines fall in line with what the CDC has deemed safe for cloth masks.

Here Is What Disney World Is Requiring For Face Masks

The masks can be disposable or reusable, but they must follow the same guidelines to obtain entrance into the parks.


They are requiring that each face mask be made of TWO layers of breathable fabric. That means those neck sleeves or cowboy-style bandanas are not allowed, as they only have one layer of protective fabric.


They must fully cover the entire nose, mouth, and tuck under your chin. No more wearing that mask under your nose. That isn’t effective, my friend.


The masks must fit snugly on your face, but still be comfortable. They can’t poof out at the cheeks, like some people are trying to get away with.


They either have to tie around your head, or have loops that go around your ears. So again, neck sleeves and single layer bandanas are a no-no.


Lastly, the face masks must allow the park guest to remain hands free. If the mask is too small, and keeps slipping off your ears, they may an issue with that. Why? You keep having to use your hand to re-secure the mask. That isn’t very hands free.


One more thing — costume masks are a no-go. If you are trying to be cute or funny, and walk up in a Buzz Lightyear helmet, they aren’t going to let you in.


As a general reminder, face masks must be worn at all times at Disney World, except when eating, swimming, or in one of the mask free zones.


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