Facebook Is Tracking Your Photos Based Off Dust and Scratches On Your Camera Lens

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Okay, so, this is just downright creepy. I don’t even know how to deal with that…

So, I was browsing TikTok minding my own business, when a video popped up and it literally blew my mind.

Apparently, Facebook Is Tracking Your Photos Based Off Dust and Scratches On Your Camera Lens and I wish I was kidding.

In the video, Dr. Jen Golbeck explains that Facebook can track and analyze the patterns of dust and scratches on your camera lens.

jengolbeck TikTok

This happens to be used for Facebook’s infamous “People You May Know Feature” which they have filed a patent for.

Dr. Golbeck goes onto to explain that you can imagine if you are at an event and she takes photos of you and someone else. None of you know each other but she shows it to you and she sends it to you to post on Facebook.

Now say the other person she does the same thing with, also posts their picture on Facebook.

Well, now Facebook has photos from that same camera lens and they can compare the photos, analyze them and will show you and that other person to each other on people you may know.

Creepy, right?

Apparently when reporters found this out, Facebook denied doing it but we all know they’ve denied several things over the years like listening to us and then all of a sudden having an ad pop up in our feed.

So, I won’t lie – I don’t believe that Facebook is NOT doing something like this.

Either way, it’s quite creepy to think they can do something like this and if they are capable of this, what else are they capible of? Ugh!

You can watch the full video of Dr. Golbeck explain it on TikTok Here.

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