This Woman Shared How You Can Freshen Up Those Sad and Squishy Strawberries and It Is Genius

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It’s that time of the year! Strawberries! Absolutely one of my favorites! They usually get eaten so fast at my house, but there are times that some start looking a little sad pretty quickly.

Today someone shared a cool Facebook post with me on how to make a sad-looking strawberry look fresh again!

She said that if you take your strawberries that are starting to not look that great you can save them!

This is not for strawberries that are getting moldy or anything like that…toss those! You can not fix decay! Ew!

The post made on Facebook says to place the strawberries in ice water and let them soak. She said that they will firm back up and turn bright red again. No soft strawberries here!

She soaked hers for about 20 minutes and got great results. I’m going to try this next time I have some sad looking strawberries!

Also, be sure to store your strawberries properly so they stay fresh longer! Everything I read seems to point to making sure to wait until you want to use them before washing.

Leave them unwashed with the stems on and store in a glass jar or glass container in the refrigerator. When you wash them it adds more moisture and can make them spoil quicker. Plus, wet berries mold fast! EW!

You can also place a paper towel in the bottom of the container they come in and store them in that container.

The paper towel will collect moisture and you can store the container in your crisper, that is actually what it is meant for! Take out the snacks, put in the fruits and veggies!

Since we are already talking about strawberries, have you ever grown your own? You can totally grow your own jam and jelly garden! I’m not just talking strawberries either! There are loads of things you can grow at home for jams and jellies!

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