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Gen X Knows Boomers Suck. We Are Sorry, Millennials.

Gen X owes the millennials a huge apology, because we just couldn’t deal with the Boomers anymore, and we tossed them at you, and that’s kind of crappy. 

Look, I’m not saying we are taking them back or anything, but we know how annoying they are, and we are sorry you’re having to deal with their crap. 

You see, they’re our parents. They’ve been yelling at us since we were old enough to understand what yelling is. And we just got sick of it, so we are okay with them yelling at you for a while. 

We got busy with stuff like mortgages and careers and giving birth to gen z, and honestly we just got so tired of their bullshit that we stopped listening. 

They’ve been telling us we were going to amount to nothing while refusing to hire us for jobs because we didn’t have enough experience, destroying our planet while we begged them to reduce and reuse, telling us what we were doing wrong, while pretending that nobody could see just how not right they were, and we gave up. 

That’s not fair to you guys, it’s really not, and we know it. But something happened to us when we hit forty, and we decided that we weren’t going to live our lives for them anymore. That it isn’t our job to live perfect lives so they could live vicariously through us, or to force us to conform to their beliefs. 

You see, we want peace. We think all these wars are stupid too, and we are finally coming into power enough to do something about it. But if we stop and deal with the misogyny and the racism of boomers on individual level, we can’t take care of the big picture things. 

And so, for right now, while we figure out just what the hell to do about this mess they’ve left us in, if you could just keep them occupied with your avocado toast, your love for travel over settling down, and the ever boomer anger inducing fight over student loan debt, we would really appreciate it. 

Give us just a little longer. These boomers are strong. And there’s a lot of them. So we appreciate the help. We need you right now while we get gen z through high school and we teach them these last few life lessons, and then it’s game on. 

Promise. In fact, when we do finally pop our heads up above water, we’d like to invite you guys over for cocktails. Or kombucha, or whatever it is that makes you happy. 

Sound good? 

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