Gettin’ Crafty

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The thing about writing is… sometimes you have to wait. It’s pretty much the toughest part of the job.

What? You thought it was writing? Oh, heck no… that’s the FUN part… the part we all love to do so much that we’re willing to endure the other crap that goes alone with it.

… and since I am currently in the “let that project brew and simmer for a while” place–I decided to spend the last week or so getting my craft on the way all stay at home moms should.* Let’s see… I learned to hotfix, crochet a boa because I needed a navy blue one and they aren’t exactly easy to find, make bottlecap magnets and necklaces, and I can ALSO make killer pony O’s–which involved buying all sorts of pretty ribbon. Hello beautiful ribbon. (Pets ribbon.)

So, what do you do while YOU wait?

*yeah, right.

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  1. Wow! You are way more productive than I am while I wait! I usually work on another ms and do stuff with my kids. They are great entertainment!

  2. What are Pony-O’s? (I am clearly a bad stay-at-home mother… Or maybe it’s okay because I have boys!)

    I usually work on a different manuscript while I wait. And do science projects with my kids – homemade volcanoes, anyone?

    1. @Ishta Mercurio, oh, they’re like bows… only way cuter and WAY easier. 🙂 you just leave the ribbon straight instead of “bowing” it up. 🙂

  3. I just last week made a bunch of Pony O’s… I have been dying to go get more ribbon and make some really cute ones!

    1. @Lisa Krumnow, You should SEE the ones I am making right now… seriously ADORABLE and WAY easy! I’ll make your H a couple. 🙂

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