Halloween Wire Tree Decoration

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Here’s the thing, I am a crafty person and I love making Halloween decorations especially when I can make them with my kids. But recently I found out I was dooming myself even before my craft was even start. You see, some decorations attract pests- EW! So today I am sharing with you Halloween decorating tips brought to you by Orkin who is also our partner for today. Aside from sharing with you what not to use for decorations, I will share with you this Halloween Wire Tree Decoration that I came up with on my own!

This craft is not overly difficult to do and best of all, it doesn’t attract pests! Total win-win for the spookiest day of the year don’t you think?

halloween wire tree

What You’ll Need to Make a Halloween Wire Tree Decoration:

  • Silver Wire (I used 20 gauge found in the hardware section at Walmart)
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Pliers
  • Glass Bowl (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Red Rocks (sand works too)
  • Hanging Skeletons

How to Make a Halloween Wire Tree Decoration:

  1. The first step is to start making the basic shape of the tree. You will carefully use the pliers to twist the wire until you get a basic tree like shape. It will take a few layers of wire but you don’t need to cut it. Just continue twisting to make it thicker.halloween wire tree inprocess1
  2. Once you get the basic shape, you want to bend out some branches.
  3. Starting from the bottom, you will want to wrap wire around the entire body of the tree. This is going to take some patience but in the end your tree should look like this:halloween wire tree inprocess2
  4. Once your tree is molded to your liking, it’s time to spray paint it black. Make sure to work in a well ventilated area (outside is best) and work in small sections until the entire tree is painted black. Allow to dry for several hours.
  5. Once your tree is dried, it’s time to place it into your bowl. You want to place your tree into the bottom of your container and slowly fill it with the red rocks. This will give it stability.halloween wire tree inprocess3
  6. Add the skeletons onto your tree and place it where everyone can see!

halloween wire tree decoration

Choosing Halloween Decorations That Don’t Attract Pests

As I mentioned earlier some Halloween decorations attract pests and that is something many of us don’t think about. It’s fun to be festive and make your own decorations but you don’t want to bring unwanted guests to your home. Think about serving up some real creepy crawlies at your Halloween party this year, I don’t think guests would ever want to come back. So don’t let those unwanted pests ruin your holiday!

Now you might be thinking well what should I avoid? And Orkin and I are here to help! Here are a few decorations to avoid and why:

  • Pumpkins – Fruit flies eat ripened and fermenting fruit and vegetables. A carved or rotting pumpkin makes the perfect meal, and its decaying matter can also provide a breeding ground for fruit flies.
  • Hay – Blister beetles, feeding in a hay field, may accidentally be ground up when the hay is harvested. Hay stacks by your home’s entrance, could open the door for beetles to come inside.
  • Trees, wreaths and garlands – Can all bring in cockroaches, carpenter ants, aphids and mealybugs. Bark beetles are one of the insects you might find in your tree as well as larger “hitchhikers,” like moths and some spiders. Barklice live in groups under tree bark. Egg cases for insects like praying mantises and spiders can hatch if the tree is left indoors for several weeks.
  • Food- This might be a given but when we are throwing our Halloween parties we don’t exactly think about the damages of leaving out food. Keep food covered and up high to help avoid any critters from finding it.

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Now that you know some decorations to avoid and why, you can be better planned for Halloween. If you do end up with unwanted guests even after careful preparation, you can always contact the licensed pest professionals at ORKIN for a detailed inspection and customized treatment program. You can also follow Orkin on: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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  1. I would like to make some decorated mason jars for Halloween.

  2. I like those fake pumpkins stuff with flowers or other fall decor so I think I would make one of those. I have been wanting to but just haven’t done it yet.

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