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These Ghost Gnomes Make Adorable Halloween Decorations

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Boo! It’s time to start thinking about all thing Halloween — or maybe I’m just wishing it were already fall!

Either way, you HAVE to check out these delightfully not-so-scary ghost gnomes


The Etsy shop, GnomesAndDwarfs, is the one who creates these “spooky” little guys.


Centuries ago, the Scandinavians believed that gnomes protected their homes from evil. If you were good to them, they were good for you. If you were angry with them – they repaid the same.


Nightmares, tangling hair while sleeping, stealing food … that’s just some of their pranks. That’s why people took care of their gnomes, leaving a bowl of porridge on the doorstep every night.


These mischievous little guys are PERFECT to fit in with the Trick-or-Treat theme that is Halloween.


Each of these gnomes is handmade in the United States, and uses only felt, fiberfil, and faux fur to create each one.


You can get each one of these ghostly gnomes for $25, and there are three different designs to choose from: Two Ghost Faces, and One “Boo.”


I need them all!! I might have a little gnome problem. I’ve already gotten this Corn Candy Gnome to go on the floor by my fireplace, and a set of three Hocus Pocus Gnomes to go on my mantel.


Can you really blame me? You know you want them, too! You can use them for YEARS to come, so there really is no reason NOT to go ahead and get them. Ha!

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