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Godiva Is Closing All US Stores And My Chocolate Loving Soul Just Cried A Little

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No!! Say it isn’t so!

Godiva chocolatier has announced that they are going to close all their US locations by March, and I’m distraught.

They have some of the BEST chocolates, and I always love to go into their locations, and watch them make all those tasty morsels!


But, here’s the thing. Godiva stores have traditionally been located in shopping malls, and those are going by the wayside in the USA.


When it comes to purchasing the fancy chocolates, we will still have three options available to us in the USA, but it’s simply not the same.


The chocolates will be available (1) online, (2) at retailers — like Barnes and Noble, who stock the bars at their registers, (3) or you could always travel overseas to get your Godiva fix.


The company has said that it is going to keep its locations in Europe, the Middle East and China. I mean, that doesn’t seem very fair, but whatever.


I have no idea if big shopping malls are still a thing in other countries — are they? Regardless, Godiva will keep its overseas locations, which is good news for some.


I guess that just means we’ll have to plan a trip abroad with the sole purpose of getting Godiva!! Ha!


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