Happy Fourth….

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Well well… looks like it is the fourth of July today! This is one of those random holidays that happens every year in the middle of the summer and everyone gets to be off work. This hasn’t always been a ‘real’ holiday to me because I am never at school during this time, so it has never been a really big deal to take the day off or anything… that being said… I LOVE fireworks, and we are going to take Halle to see her first ones! She was only a month old last year, and it just wasn’t worth it to take a month old kid out to fake show her fireworks… you know… look at the fireworks little sleeping baby… hehe that would have just been silly, but this year I know she is going to love them! And as an added bonus… I actually have a FIREWORK setting on my camera… seriously… there is a setting on my camera dedicated to today! I tell ya what though… if it takes good pictures… I am TOTALLY in! So, hopefully I will have some amazing pictures to show you guys…. you know… child in the foreground holding a flag with a firework exploding in the background…. hahah yeah… if I use PHOTOSHOP! 🙂 Happy fourth!

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