If You Have Vertigo, This Doctor Has A Trick That May Help

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Fallen into a dizzy spell?

One of worst feelings is when you wake up in the morning and you can’t stand up straight, or when you brain feels like it’s moving from side to side.

As a kid I never minded amusement rides that went around in circles but now as an adult, I stay clear of the slightest movement that makes my head spin.

So for the days where walking in a straight line seems more like walking through a corn maze, Dr. Carol Foster a Otolaryngologist and the Director of the Balance Laboratory at the University of Colorado Hospital has an easy fix!

Helping patients with vertigo is one of her specialties which is why she created a YouTube video to help others at home who have fallen under a dizzy spell.

Titled the Foster Method which is also know as the half somersault is an easy way to get rid of vertigo quickly, before that 9am zoom meeting.

To start, kneel down on your knees.

Look up at the ceiling and hold this position for a few seconds, (it’s okay if you feel a little dizzy doing this).

Next, move your head to the floor and while completely upside down, tuck your chin slightly towards your knees.

While in the upside down position, turn your head towards your right or left elbow depending on which side feels the most dizzy when you roll over in bed.

After doing so your head will feel like its spinning, hold that position until the spinning stops or count to 30, and raise your head until it’s aligned with your back, keeping your head turned to the side you chose in the previous step.

Wait again for the spinning stop, then sit back up quickly on your knees with your head still turned to the right or left.

While Dr. Carol Foster says that this trick might take a few repetitions, she also noted that it’s important to keep in mind to wait 15 minutes after every time you repeat this maneuver.

Thanks to Doctor Foster, walking a straight line just became easy again!

You can watch the full video of the half somersault maneuver, here!

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