Healthy Snacks You Can Leave Out for Santa Instead of Just Milk and Cookies

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While Santa Claus enjoys a soft baked chocolate chip cookie dunked in cold milk like everyone else, the quick snack can become redundant after eating the exact same meal for miles down the road.

So rather than batches of cookies and tall glasses of milk that can welcome countless of cavities, here are a few healthier options for Ole’ Saint Nick so he doesn’t have to visit the dentist as much from all of that sugar every year!

Healthy Snacks for Santa

If you’re not too keen on getting rid of the milk and cookies duo all together, try a tall glass of unsweetened almond milk and oatmeal baked cookies with raisins or dark chocolate chips!

Stuffed dates with peanut butter are also another snack that can satisfy any sweet tooth, pair with vanilla almond milk.

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Chocolate covered banana popsicles dipped in dark chocolate are great if Santa prefers something sweet on his present run.

You can never go wrong with a veggie tray paired with a spicy ranch dip if Santa prefers a heated kick during the colder winter months or if the rosy cheek fellow prefers salty over sweet, homemade baked kale chips are also a good choice for a satisfying crunch.

So whether or not you bake a sheet of crunchy kale chips for Santa or slice something sweet, Santa thanks you for the generous snack he can eat on the go!

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