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White Claw Slushies Are The New TikTok Trend And I’m Getting Out The Blender Now

Sometimes it’s the most simple ideas that are the most genius.

There is a trend on TikTok to recreate fruity tropical adult beverage slushies using frozen fruit and WHITE CLAW SELTZER! I mean, it’s so obvious, I’m surprised we didn’t come up with it sooner!


You’re going to love this one ##whiteclaw ##makemeadrink ##tigerking

♬ Savage Tiger King Edition – calebjaxin

You basically start with ANY frozen fruit. I would totally use peaches — mix it with a little coconut milk, ice, and Pineapple White Claw. Boom! Instant Peach Pina Colada!

Courtesy of White Claw

I don’t know who first came up with this idea, but can I give them a virtual hug, please?!?

This is JUST the kind of thing my soul needs right now, after being stuck inside since March.


HELLO NEW FAV DRINK! basically a skinny frozen marg ##whiteclaw

♬ White Claw Wasted – Fresh Cake

White Claw even has EIGHT fruit flavors to choose from. You can totally mix and match to create the PERFECT combination!

Courtesy of White Claw

At 3.7% to 5% Alcohol per volume, they’re just Kind Of spiked — right?!? Perfect for a Thursday afternoon special snack.


accidentally used all the frozen fruit I bought for quarantine making tiktoks /: ##foryoupage ##fyp ##whiteclaw ##tipsy

♬ Tipsy – Club Mix – J-Kwon

The ideas are only as limited as your imagination. Have fun experimenting!


My kind of smoothie ##whiteclaw ##quickrecipes ##tigerking ##quarantine

♬ original sound – oilrigshop

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!